IT Logics top to toe service.

Customers are often surprised that we do more than they thought. Only a small percentage of our customers take advantage of all of our services which goes to show that we need to spread the word about how we can help you more.

So read on and hopefully that will change.

We are a fully managed IT Services Provider. We are the one stop shop and many SME’s trust us to be their IT advisor and supplier. We design, create and support IT systems.

A lot of our customers use us for desktop and/or server support but don’t know that we can offer soooo much more. These are not new services but tried and tested solutions that suit businesses big and small.

So what do we do that you can take advantage of ? We have a total of 9 main products with a couple of spin offs. There is no set way of consuming the products. We know every business is different.



Logic Support – Our expert engineers provide technical support at any level. Whether it is a broken mouse or an error on the hypervisor/SAN or any other technical thingy majig, Logic Support provides remote and onsite proactive and reactive (unfortunately this happens) support.

Logic Protect – Back ups, anti virus, anti spam, firewalls and any other anti bad guy thing we provide to protect your business.

Logic Cloud – Host your applications, mail, servers in our own NZ long white cloud. We can get you up and running on Office 365 or any other cloud application. Onshore or offshore clouds are there to be used.

Logic Mail – Your email in our hosted environment. Safe, always on and mobile.

Logic VoIP – Reduce your phone bills considerably and join a growing number of our customers who are using their phones over their network.

Logic Monthly – You can pay for all your services month by month. This means you won’t have to outlay a  big wad of cash on new equipment. We work with our Microsoft partners so you can pay for your licencing monthly.

Logic Buy – We sell everything from the broken key on your laptop to the shiny new server you want hosted in our datacentre or your premises. Our procurement arm will find you the exact model or part you need. We also sell set bundles of equipment for new staff or new businesses. This is called Sparklebox. We agree a package for a certain type of new team member and then you know your cost and what equipment will be supplied each time. This provides an easy way to predict your IT spend.

Logic Connect – We work with a number of network and cabling providers to give a tailored approach to network connectivity. We can cable from one room to another or a hundred ports in the walls. We provide ADSL/VDSL and Fibre connections throughout the country using a trusted partner.

Logic Leasing – You want to buy a piece of equipment but don’t want to spend the cash right now? Our leasing company can lease over a variety of terms that suit you. Lease to own or pure lease – the choice is yours.


Our Consultancy Services

Logic Transmit –  Looking to buy a company? We take the pain away when looking at the IT systems and what you need to do. IT systems are often ignored when purchasing a new company but can often cost thousands of dollars to transfer/ fix/train etc. One transmit customer who is buying one part of a company is already facing a $25,000 bill for just a handful of users. Transmit delves deep and shows you what, how and when to deal with the IT of your new business acquisition.

Logic Crisis kits – After discovering your requirements, we are able to build what we call a Crisis Kit. This enables your business to continue operations should there be a disaster in one of your premises. A mix of technologies allows you to communicate and operate efficiently should there be a localised disaster. This is incorporated into your BCP and disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning and Technology Roadmaps – With decades of experience in these fields (with major commercial and government clients) we are able to offer consultancy services that will help you to manage through any crisis and develop an IT strategy that complements your business strategy.


For way more information call us today on 0800 IT LOGICS or send a message through on the contact page.