Spotlight on tablet type devices – what should I get?

Laptop – overkill

Tablet- underkill

Phone – too small

Laptop – too big


There are so many devices out there at the moment touting to be the ideal mobile device.

You need something that sits somewhere between a bulky heavy laptop and a home use tablet (that doesn’t have the business type applications you need to carry out your everyday work functions)

There is no 100% correct answer- but, we do have some questions you need to ask yourself;

  1. Will I be using this for home or work or both?
  2. Do I need lots of disk space?
  3. Do I have other machines that I can use if I miss features on my new device?
  4. Do I travel a lot or am I going to be working in front of the TV?
  5. Am I going to be typing a lot? What kind of applications do I want to use?
  6. How do I connect to my documents and applications at work?
  7. Do I need it to connect to other peripherals? – a bigger screen, a wireless mouse etc.
  8. How much writing will I do on it?
  9. How big does the screen need to be?
  10. Are my kids going to want to use it?
  11. Am I really going to use it ? That should probably be the first question!


HP continue to do a good selection in the x360 family and we will be doing a showcase with them soon where you can come and see their new products in this range.

However, we are selling the Microsoft Surface Pro’s like hotcakes. At IT Logics, we are vendor agnostic but we like to share when customers have positive experiences with new equipment. The Surface Pro has come on in leaps and bounds since the first two versions and they are now sleek, reliable and offer a good mix between home and work device.

Don’t be fooled by the cheaper price at the start as you do have to fork out extra for the keyboard and with some models you must buy a pen as well. Without these two items, there is no point in buying one.

Answer the questions above – and then give us a call on 0800 ITLOGICS and we will provide you with a handful of options. Question 11 is super important. We have lost count of how many mobile devices that have been bought that gather dust in cupboards because they weren’t really needed or didn’t do exactly what it was thought they would.

Click here to find out more. Surface Pro

We now have so many ways of working and playing that a mixture/hybrid of devices is usually better. Trying to have one device to rule them all often ends in frustration. It won’t be long before it will be invented but it is not quite there yet!