So pigs can fly….Limited time only – Free backup check and one month cloud backups !

Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, shout it from the rooftops.

For the months of September and October (only) we will be giving away free backup checks and one free month worth of data backups to the cloud for small and medium size businesses.

This could save your data in the event of a disaster and a fair few dollars for some slap up fish and chips on the beach as summer approaches.

Get in quick, availability is limited.

One of our logical guys will visit you and talk about your current solution and how cloud backups using Logic Protect could save you from a world of pain.

A free check and a free month – what is stopping you from calling today?



This does not apply to existing backup clients and is available only after an investigation of the current backup setup. Certain network conditions at customer sites may prevent this solution being viable. One month free when signing for 12 month backup contract