Keeping your business network on with a SIM card

Has your network gone down recently? No external network connection at your new building?

No internet connection for your staff?

No connection back to your servers in a datacentre?

No one able to dial in to your server on site?

There are many reasons why a network can go down. A configuration error, an issue with the telecommunications company, spade fade (Geeks use this saying when someone digs through a cable) etc etc.

This can lead to hours and hours of lost productivity. Companies may have to send staff home, may miss orders, may lose factory production because one component in their network is no longer available.

There is a fall back. It is not amazing and it certainly is not that elegant but it works and we have used it many many times.

For an extra few dollars (no more than a $1000) there are many routers on the market now that will enable the installation of a SIM card from your friendly mobile phone supplier. We slot the SIM card into the router and configure the failover and hey presto. If your cable fails it will cutover to the SIM card. This will cost you the price of the router and the cost of keeping the SIM card charged and available (see your own mobile provider).  I can guarantee that with only one outage this will easily pay for itself in lost revenue/time.

The other scenario we have used this for…..A company is moving into a new building and there is no network at all, and yes it does happen frequently. Hook up to the SIM card and away you go, until the services are delivered to the building.

Contact us today and we can provide the router and have it set up in a matter of days.