IT Logics – the proud sponsor of the most famous Greenhithe Soccer Team.

In a last minute shock signing, IT Logics sealed the sponsorship deal for Auckland Over 35 Mixed League football team “Norfolk N Chance”.

This is the second season that the team has been in the league and we were lucky to secure a deal with the management and sponsor a shirt and sock deal worth as much as a Premier League team or two.

The other teams in the league have been in awe of the team’s new kit over the first few weeks of the season. Many comments have been made on the amazing new colour and the matching skills.

There have been numerous additions to the squad this season who have taken to the team like bees to honey. The first match saw a 2-1 defeat which is the lowest score line the team had ever been in. Back on form in the second match The Norfolkers suffered a devastating 15 nil bashing. A couple of other near misses and one game where we could have won (but didn’t) have shown that the team have real promise this season. There have been more goals scored than the whole of last season already and the formation is now taking shape.

It is with great pride that we see the team stride onto the pitch every Friday night with the ball in one hand and a box of beers in the other. The Norfolkers believe in charity and can be often seen (easily in their pink shirts) supporting their local pub, providing a steady stream of income to the village.

If you ever would like to see a classy game of football I suggest pitching up at Wainoni park on a sunny Friday evening – we have spare shirts and you may get a game. You will definitely get a beer. We suggest turning up early as tickets run out quickly and the side lines are full up with adoring fans singing the chants for The Mighty Norfolk.

I don’t know what will happen if we ever win a game.