Keeping your business network on with a SIM card

Has your network gone down recently? No external network connection at your new building?

No internet connection for your staff?

No connection back to your servers in a datacentre?

No one able to dial in to your server on site?

There are many reasons why a network can go down. A configuration error, an issue with the telecommunications company, spade fade (Geeks use this saying when someone digs through a cable) etc etc.

This can lead to hours and hours of lost productivity. Companies may have to send staff home, may miss orders, may lose factory production because one component in their network is no longer available.

There is a fall back. It is not amazing and it certainly is not that elegant but it works and we have used it many many times.

For an extra few dollars (no more than a $1000) there are many routers on the market now that will enable the installation of a SIM card from your friendly mobile phone supplier. We slot the SIM card into the router and configure the failover and hey presto. If your cable fails it will cutover to the SIM card. This will cost you the price of the router and the cost of keeping the SIM card charged and available (see your own mobile provider).  I can guarantee that with only one outage this will easily pay for itself in lost revenue/time.

The other scenario we have used this for…..A company is moving into a new building and there is no network at all, and yes it does happen frequently. Hook up to the SIM card and away you go, until the services are delivered to the building.

Contact us today and we can provide the router and have it set up in a matter of days.



Spotlight on tablet type devices – what should I get?

Laptop – overkill

Tablet- underkill

Phone – too small

Laptop – too big


There are so many devices out there at the moment touting to be the ideal mobile device.

You need something that sits somewhere between a bulky heavy laptop and a home use tablet (that doesn’t have the business type applications you need to carry out your everyday work functions)

There is no 100% correct answer- but, we do have some questions you need to ask yourself;

  1. Will I be using this for home or work or both?
  2. Do I need lots of disk space?
  3. Do I have other machines that I can use if I miss features on my new device?
  4. Do I travel a lot or am I going to be working in front of the TV?
  5. Am I going to be typing a lot? What kind of applications do I want to use?
  6. How do I connect to my documents and applications at work?
  7. Do I need it to connect to other peripherals? – a bigger screen, a wireless mouse etc.
  8. How much writing will I do on it?
  9. How big does the screen need to be?
  10. Are my kids going to want to use it?
  11. Am I really going to use it ? That should probably be the first question!


HP continue to do a good selection in the x360 family and we will be doing a showcase with them soon where you can come and see their new products in this range.

However, we are selling the Microsoft Surface Pro’s like hotcakes. At IT Logics, we are vendor agnostic but we like to share when customers have positive experiences with new equipment. The Surface Pro has come on in leaps and bounds since the first two versions and they are now sleek, reliable and offer a good mix between home and work device.

Don’t be fooled by the cheaper price at the start as you do have to fork out extra for the keyboard and with some models you must buy a pen as well. Without these two items, there is no point in buying one.

Answer the questions above – and then give us a call on 0800 ITLOGICS and we will provide you with a handful of options. Question 11 is super important. We have lost count of how many mobile devices that have been bought that gather dust in cupboards because they weren’t really needed or didn’t do exactly what it was thought they would.

Click here to find out more. Surface Pro

We now have so many ways of working and playing that a mixture/hybrid of devices is usually better. Trying to have one device to rule them all often ends in frustration. It won’t be long before it will be invented but it is not quite there yet!









IT clinics performed by IT Logics

Ever get the feeling that something is not quite right with your computer but you can’t put your finger on it? Don’t want to call us in because it isn’t worth it for one small issue that you fear may be a problem between the screen and the chair?

Why not book us in for an IT clinic?

Clinics can last from one hour to 1 day. We come and sit wherever you like at your workplace and anyone can come and visit us in the clinic. We will help you with those niggly issues and the questions you wanted to ask.

Clinics can be ideal for customers without contracted support and can be run as a once off or a regular thing.

Contact to discuss how this could help your company’s morale and productivity.


Beeeee amazing and learn a few tricks

Before you call the IT Doctor have a look at these tips. Some may fix your problem and some may give you a new tool to use in your business.

Coming in at number 1 as always. Re-start your computer. It may sound like the classic cliché  but it does work a lot of the time.

Check other programs…. Eg, If you cant get your email then also try and browse some internet pages to see if you have internet connectivity.

 Ask your colleagues if they have the same issue.

 Try rebooting your router if you know how.

 Google your issue…it is a bit like googling a medical condition but at least it may give you some quick pointers.

 If you get stuck in any Microsoft application, click on the ? free help from Microsoft.

 If your computer is running like a tortoise with a broken leg press Control, Alt and Delete and open task manager. Have a nosey around because this will tell you which program is using the memory and processing power.

 Nothing happening at all….check the power. It may seem obvious but a lot of calls are power related.

If you get a virus immediately pull the network cable out of the back, turn off the computer and call us.


 For a cheap no fuss CRM – look at

 Press windows button and L to lock your computer so no-one can send unauthorised emails to the boss.

 Right-click on the taskbar to reveal three window arrangement schemes: namely, Cascade Windows, Show windows stacked, and Show windows side by side.

 If you hold the shift key down when deleting a file, it bypasses the recycle bin. Control Z will bring it back.

 F1 key opens Windows Help quickly!

 To minimize every open window except yours: Shake your active window. Do the same to maximize all windows.

 To capture the exact steps you take and document it nicely: Search psr in Windows to open Problem Steps Recorder. Try it now and you’ll be amazed.

 To delete one word at a time: Press Ctrl + Backspace.

 Use Acivtrak to see which websites and programs computers are accessing.

Lastly, if your computer is misbehaving, open the nearest window and throw it out whilst shouting really loudly. Then phone IT Logics and ask for a new one. Please note, this is not advisable if the computer is not your own. Another note……please call us before opening the window because we can fix it. We are good with Windows. Another note….please watch out for passers by.


I really do WannaCry malware cyberattack

No no no no no no and NO.

I am so annoyed, frustrated, angry and a lot of other words that I can’t put on my company website.

Technology is beautiful. It brings new experiences, new capabilities and is changing our lives so quickly. But it is increasingly being used as a weapon.

The WannaCRy malware attack that started on Friday highlights just how quickly our technology can become useless and take us back into the dark ages. When a system failure for any reason can result in people being turned away for surgery, the positive results of having technology can easily be seen.  Tech is one of the reasons we live longer now and that will only improve (or not dependant on your view).

So what happened (and is still happening) it non geek terms?….One of your team comes into work with a cold (breaking past the receptionist who is on a tea break). They spread the cold to everyone and then tell the boss that they all have to go home because they are sick. He also says that for $300 he will give them an antidote. Boss then pays for the antidote but finds it only fixes half of them and then has to pay again and again etc etc.

Why on earth do people do this? It used to be “the kids” and they still do play a part, but this last one was to make money. There was a ransom and money has changed hands. Some even set up call centres to help you pay the bill….how cheeky can you get?

It can be used as another form of terrorism and it can be used (surprisingly) to get a well paid job. If you are good at this stuff then you know how to stop it and then you become valuable.

So how did this one and others get in? Damn email attachments again. I put this in my earlier blog of a few weeks ago as this has been coming for some time.

It is just too easy to click and regret. Maybe that will become a saying. You have click and collect for supermarkets and now click and regret for losing a decade of your precious photos.

Another kick in the teeth was that this particular one used a vulnerability that was fixed a few months ago in a Microsoft update. Hands up – who has windows update turned off because it takes too long or breaks things ? There should be more hands up because I have seen today just how many people have not done those updates for a long long time.

Then, to add insult to injury, someone sent a spoof email today from “IT Support” saying you should click on “this link” to perform Windows Updates or your account would be locked. This of course was another naughty email that would cause more damage. Preying on mass hysteria – not impressed.

Did you maybe disable the anti virus because it slows your computer down? or  even turn it off because you couldn’t get something to work. Maybe you didn’t renew it because you haven’t ever been hit by a virus.

So what do you need to do ….

Make sure you have a backup plan

Make sure you have up to date anti virus

Make sure you are doing windows updates

Last and most important don’t click on any attachment you don’t recognise.

Oh and another last – For businesses…give us a call and we will come and give you a free assessment.


Sign up to our newsletter on the contact page and we will send out more advice.

Be vigilant. I was talking to someone today and I suddenly thought that IT backups are like buying health insurance. The premiums seem ridiculously high and you may never ever need it but if you ever do then it can change the outcome significantly. Have you ever heard anyone say ‘I’m so glad I didn’t have insurance’.

I have to go now as I have to practice what I preach and backup my computer. I have a feeling that if my honeymoon photos are lost I wont escape unscathed.


Don’t clickety click too quick quick quick.










Do I really need Anti Virus software?

I will not leave it until the end to spoil the surprise. Of course we do. The days of Anna Kournikova may be over (sorry to all you teenage boys out there) as all sort of mail threats become more and more believable.

In this year alone I have seen three Conficker outbreaks that have caused mayhem, time wastage, loss of data and general embarrassment.

Yes Anti Virus wont pick up everything because there are so many different variants so vigilance has to be key to the defence mechanisms. The problem is that these things don’t just promise us stuff anymore. It is not “get free this or look at this picture or you have become a prince in Nigeria”. They now contain things that even I nearly fall for. :This invoice needs to be paid”. “This certificate is about to expire” etc. etc. Sent from spoofed email messages that look damn good.

I double check everything because that is how I think but may others don’t. Probably the nice trusting peeps bear the brunt of it whereas us untrusting mob don’t get hit quite so much.

Complex passwords help and changing passwords more than once a decade also does but a combination of a good Anti Virus product and a suspicious mind will keep the wolves (polite word) from the door.


It is  sad world we live in but there are many different reasons for sending viruses and the like and there always will be. As long as we have technology there will be “nasty’s” out there who will choose to exploit it.

Whether it is for fun, blackmail, ego or any other reason it isn’t going away. So train yourself. Become the anti virus ninja. Check emails like a hawk, don’t put unknown USB drives into your computer without scanning them. You can read all the hundreds of things you should do to protect yourself. I just think; if it is too good to be true then it probably isn’t and if it looks and smells kind of funny then dig some more if you really need it.

The last point has to be……Never forget to install anti virus, make sure it is up to date and make sure you do your windows updates.



There are no guarantees, but you wouldn’t walk out in the road without looking both ways.