IT Logics – the proud sponsor of the most famous Greenhithe Soccer Team.

In a last minute shock signing, IT Logics sealed the sponsorship deal for Auckland Over 35 Mixed League football team “Norfolk N Chance”.

This is the second season that the team has been in the league and we were lucky to secure a deal with the management and sponsor a shirt and sock deal worth as much as a Premier League team or two.

The other teams in the league have been in awe of the team’s new kit over the first few weeks of the season. Many comments have been made on the amazing new colour and the matching skills.

There have been numerous additions to the squad this season who have taken to the team like bees to honey. The first match saw a 2-1 defeat which is the lowest score line the team had ever been in. Back on form in the second match The Norfolkers suffered a devastating 15 nil bashing. A couple of other near misses and one game where we could have won (but didn’t) have shown that the team have real promise this season. There have been more goals scored than the whole of last season already and the formation is now taking shape.

It is with great pride that we see the team stride onto the pitch every Friday night with the ball in one hand and a box of beers in the other. The Norfolkers believe in charity and can be often seen (easily in their pink shirts) supporting their local pub, providing a steady stream of income to the village.

If you ever would like to see a classy game of football I suggest pitching up at Wainoni park on a sunny Friday evening – we have spare shirts and you may get a game. You will definitely get a beer. We suggest turning up early as tickets run out quickly and the side lines are full up with adoring fans singing the chants for The Mighty Norfolk.

I don’t know what will happen if we ever win a game.







Welcome Nick – Business Development comes to IT Logics

Great news for IT Logics and our customers, Nick De Silva has joined the team.

Nick will head up the Business Development side of the business. He joins us from timg and has held high profile business development and account management roles in NZ.

His knowledge in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning make him an ideal fit into a team dedicated to reducing business risk within NZ. Nick has skills in Veeam back ups and Google Analytics. His background in SaaS sales will allow him to discuss any customers needs and translate them into technical solutions.

Nick is currently working on the business development strategy and meeting as many of our customers as he can. He brings a wealth of experience that he is looking forward to sharing.

Nick lives on the sunny North Shore and has 2 young children.

It took us quite a few months to find the right fit but it was worth the wait.

What can Nick do for me ????? Give him a call on 0800ITLOGICS and have a chat about your requirements and he will provide you with solutions. Easy as that.




So pigs can fly….Limited time only – Free backup check and one month cloud backups !

Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, shout it from the rooftops.

For the months of September and October (only) we will be giving away free backup checks and one free month worth of data backups to the cloud for small and medium size businesses.

This could save your data in the event of a disaster and a fair few dollars for some slap up fish and chips on the beach as summer approaches.

Get in quick, availability is limited.

One of our logical guys will visit you and talk about your current solution and how cloud backups using Logic Protect could save you from a world of pain.

A free check and a free month – what is stopping you from calling today?



This does not apply to existing backup clients and is available only after an investigation of the current backup setup. Certain network conditions at customer sites may prevent this solution being viable. One month free when signing for 12 month backup contract


IT Logics top to toe service.

Customers are often surprised that we do more than they thought. Only a small percentage of our customers take advantage of all of our services which goes to show that we need to spread the word about how we can help you more.

So read on and hopefully that will change.

We are a fully managed IT Services Provider. We are the one stop shop and many SME’s trust us to be their IT advisor and supplier. We design, create and support IT systems.

A lot of our customers use us for desktop and/or server support but don’t know that we can offer soooo much more. These are not new services but tried and tested solutions that suit businesses big and small.

So what do we do that you can take advantage of ? We have a total of 9 main products with a couple of spin offs. There is no set way of consuming the products. We know every business is different.



Logic Support – Our expert engineers provide technical support at any level. Whether it is a broken mouse or an error on the hypervisor/SAN or any other technical thingy majig, Logic Support provides remote and onsite proactive and reactive (unfortunately this happens) support.

Logic Protect – Back ups, anti virus, anti spam, firewalls and any other anti bad guy thing we provide to protect your business.

Logic Cloud – Host your applications, mail, servers in our own NZ long white cloud. We can get you up and running on Office 365 or any other cloud application. Onshore or offshore clouds are there to be used.

Logic Mail – Your email in our hosted environment. Safe, always on and mobile.

Logic VoIP – Reduce your phone bills considerably and join a growing number of our customers who are using their phones over their network.

Logic Monthly – You can pay for all your services month by month. This means you won’t have to outlay a  big wad of cash on new equipment. We work with our Microsoft partners so you can pay for your licencing monthly.

Logic Buy – We sell everything from the broken key on your laptop to the shiny new server you want hosted in our datacentre or your premises. Our procurement arm will find you the exact model or part you need. We also sell set bundles of equipment for new staff or new businesses. This is called Sparklebox. We agree a package for a certain type of new team member and then you know your cost and what equipment will be supplied each time. This provides an easy way to predict your IT spend.

Logic Connect – We work with a number of network and cabling providers to give a tailored approach to network connectivity. We can cable from one room to another or a hundred ports in the walls. We provide ADSL/VDSL and Fibre connections throughout the country using a trusted partner.

Logic Leasing – You want to buy a piece of equipment but don’t want to spend the cash right now? Our leasing company can lease over a variety of terms that suit you. Lease to own or pure lease – the choice is yours.


Our Consultancy Services

Logic Transmit –  Looking to buy a company? We take the pain away when looking at the IT systems and what you need to do. IT systems are often ignored when purchasing a new company but can often cost thousands of dollars to transfer/ fix/train etc. One transmit customer who is buying one part of a company is already facing a $25,000 bill for just a handful of users. Transmit delves deep and shows you what, how and when to deal with the IT of your new business acquisition.

Logic Crisis kits – After discovering your requirements, we are able to build what we call a Crisis Kit. This enables your business to continue operations should there be a disaster in one of your premises. A mix of technologies allows you to communicate and operate efficiently should there be a localised disaster. This is incorporated into your BCP and disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning and Technology Roadmaps – With decades of experience in these fields (with major commercial and government clients) we are able to offer consultancy services that will help you to manage through any crisis and develop an IT strategy that complements your business strategy.


For way more information call us today on 0800 IT LOGICS or send a message through on the contact page.




As a small business is an Expo stand worth paying for?

As you may or may not know we had a stand at the North Harbour Business event last month.

I can be a little egotistical at times and one of the main reasons for getting a stall was to get out there and show what we do and how good we are at doing it.

I had no idea of what we would achieve by having a stand. The idea was to get as much brand awareness as humanly possible and get some business cards into people’s hands. I knew that the cost would be high and the benefits low and not quantifiable. So out came the purse. The stall itself was reasonably priced but then it started to stack up. The stand signage and furniture etc came to about 1.5k. The jelly beans, pens, hats, brochures blah blah came to about 1k. The advertising and giveaway prize was at least another 5 hundy. So all in all we hit around 4-5k. I was told this at the start but of course I didn’t believe it. I made sure everything was reusable where possible and we do have  enough merchandise to last us another few expos.

The actual day itself came around and with some trepidation the doors opened. You have about 30 seconds to do a pitch until the person drifts away into the distance. Within 30 minutes, Ben, Dan and I found our flow and we were off. I had expected for people to walk past and throw the odd business card in the bowl for the prize and that would be it….not so. We started to have conversations with other business owners who had genuine requirements and could see where we would assist. The conversations were getting longer and longer and the business cards were becoming more and more meaningful.

By the end of the day we had snaffled some really good contacts and in the process met some really nice people who were genuinely interested in our wares.

So we felt positive. Within a few days we had our first customer from the expo which was a complete surprise to me. I made some good contacts and look like doing a deal with another very soon.

But I think the biggest thing for me was at a networking breakfast the other day a business owner approached me and asked me about IT security. She said she recognised the name from the Expo. Houston we have lift off.

It also made us proud of the brand as we walked around which helps cement the culture.

So the answer to my question “As a small business is an expo worth paying for ?”  I had no idea whether to spend the money, not bother or spend it on some other form of advertising but in the end I am glad I did. It was an enjoyable day that exceeded my expectations.

For us it was worth it, but there are no guarantees and you can’t measure the success in leads and sales. Most of the success will come from brand awareness and people talking to you and realising you are not so scary after all. If they believe in you, they will believe in the brand.

Before we did it I thought it would probably be a one off – our next one is in September.

Buying a business? Due Diligence – try “Transmit”

Buying or selling a business can be stressful at the best of times. The sleepless nights, the fear and the excitement clash with each other and make for a very confusing time and a time where you need good solid advice.

Due diligence can be an unwieldy beast that sucks time, effort and cash and by the end of it you wonder if you know more than you did when you started.

Are there many companies that are sold that don’t have an IT component to their business? They all use some kind of system, email, office, a database maybe? A warehouse system? A customer relationship database? They may have PC’s, laptops, phones, servers ? They may even back up data?

So some of the questions you need answering are specific to the IT.




Who supports it?

How much does it cost now?

How much will it cost to transfer?

How much will it cost when it is transferred? (don’t assume it is the same as it is now as lots of companies share systems)

Are they licenced properly?

Has anyone else got their data (IP)?

Can it be done more efficiently and cheaper?


Having recently been through due diligence and currently assisting in the process for a customer, IT Logics has seen a gap to provide an IT DD transfer service. We have named it Transmit (Transfer my IT).

It is aimed at non IT companies who need assistance analysing technology they may be buying, what the transfer cost to the buyer would be and ongoing costs. (hardware, software and licencing) . It also makes a number of recommendations that may improve efficiency or reduce cost.

A standard template is used and a document presented at the end of the consultation period.

The process is vendor agnostic and can be used for large and small transactions. Every business sale is different and therefore each project is quoted and no set fee provided.

This service takes away the hassle of trying to find a trusted company who will provide impartial and knowledgeable advice.

All of the information is provided in “non geek” language and gives the buyer the confidence that there are no hidden licence fees or computer refreshes required.

Fill in your details on the Contact Page for more information




IT Logics acquires Alert Computers

We are proud to announce that we have acquired West Auckland based IT company “Alert Computers”.

From 01st June 2017 we will be welcoming Alert’s customers into the fold and look forward to continuing to provide the excellent service they have been used to.

We wish Gareth Parker (Alerts owner) all the best for the future and thank him for all his help through the process.

Alert Computers provided IT services to businesses across the Auckland region. They supplied technical support and advice. IT Logics will bring enhanced capabilities and technologies. Customers will now be able to choose from a wide range of managed services that were not available to them before.

Onwards and upwards!


IT Logics @ North Harbour Expo 25th May


And now for something completely different…..

We have a stand at the 2017 North Harbour Business Expo. It is on Thursday 25th May from 09.30 until 3PM at the QBE stadium on the sunny North Shore.

It certainly is a first for us. The business has grown organically through referrals. We are so awesome that we have never had to go out and spread the news. But times are a changing and we are in a growth phase so you will see our name around the place more and more.

We have had some stylish banners designed (by Designation) and we are ready for action. As we have never had a stand before it is going to be an interesting experience. I usually walk around these things and end up with a  pen or two, some business cards, sore feet and lots of ideas. It will be strange being on the other side.

We have a few goodies to give away and a draw to enter that could see you winning a very nice hamper.

If you come up to us and say the magic code word “womble” you will receive a free bag of IT Logics jelly beans (while stocks last).

There is a good mix of stands so come and have a look and a chat.

Surely it is better than going to work for the day !

Oh and it is free, yes you read that right, free.


Click HERE to go to the website for the Expo



Embracing your cultures

We have a good culture. What does that mean?  How can one culture meet the needs of an entire workforce?

Is my definition of a good culture (as a 40 something) the same as a whizz kid who was brought up on mp3’s and not 33’s and 45’s ? (dear youths – please look that up).

The vision of one company culture is now outdated with such diverse personalities from old to young, introvert to extrovert, developer to sales guy and many many others. It doesn’t take long in any workplace to see who gravitates to who and why. The fact is we like to mix with the same type of people as ourselves, so how on earth can one culture work?

  • A common goal I hear you shout. Got that T-shirt.
  • A set of values – who doesn’t have those? and aren’t they all the same these days? Can you tell me what the values were of your last two employers? I bet they were pretty much along the same lines.
  • A Mission and Vision statement. So how does Dave the Service Desk guy relate to the following ? …. we are going to be the most successful (insert your industry here) by earning (insert big bucks here) by doing (insert stuff most of your staff don’t have input in here).

These are all tried and trusted ways of moving forward but we oldies have seen it all before and the up and coming are interested in what their employers will bring to them.IMG_1473

There are many books about tribal leadership but tribes happen whether you nurture them or not. A company culture should never be dictated by anyone but someone should be keeping an eye on it and gently nudging it in the right direction.I don’t have to point out the effects of cultures both good and bad. In our upbringing, school years, work years and beyond we experience different cultures and the effects on our personalities can be positive or dangerously damaging.

Good and bad sub cultures in the workplace can recruit really easily and before you know it things start to change rapidly. I know which I want but I have to know what is happening first.

I have been and am lucky to be a part of (and I say part of on purpose) some fantastic work cultures but none that couldn’t have been improved. How many leadership meetings do you go to where culture is at the top of the agenda, or even on it at all?

So what to do. I wish I had all the answers but alas…. I do have some suggestions though.

  • As a company, recognise your internal cultures. You aren’t going to do this as a leader/manager. Only someone in the trenches as a cross functional team player knows that these groups have popped up and why.
  • Make someone responsible for culture. Don’t advertise who it is ! You can’t force it but you can guide it.
  • Do not make anyone do what they don’t naturally want to do in the name of “being part of the team”. everyone is part of the team….you employed them.
  • Do not try to appeal to everyone. Try and get some events/rewards that appeal to types of personalities that exist in different teams. That way you will have cross functional team events but with like-minded people.
  • A common goal is still vital. Make it something that your staff can make a decision on. “when doing the following does it help the company and me reach its/my goal?”
  • If the people you are bringing on don’t have the basic human values then you have a dysfunctional recruitment process. Bring out the real passion. Bring in words like exhilarating, pleasure, wisdom and fun. This is what your staff want when they are looking to recruit you (yes it’s that way round now) and this is what your customers want to hear. They want to buy from a company who has a strong culture.
  • Live it, breathe it and adapt it. We fight to be relevant in the market but do we fight to be relevant to our staff?….Lets face it, no staff usually means no business.
  • Let your teams come up with the ideas. They know what they want from a culture. They know how they want to be rewarded, they know what art they want on the wall and how they want their desk covered in pot plants etc.
  • Make sure you culture fit candidates well. No matter how good they are on the tools don’t let them in if they are no good around the water cooler.
  • Build a culture plan. Include where you are now and where you want to be, a list of your different sub cultures and how to embrace them.
  • Think of yourself. Doesn’t matter what position you hold you still want to wake up excited about the day ahead. What would it take for this to happen for you tomorrow?

As IT professionals we spend a stupid amount of hours at our desks,on phones,on tablets , in server rooms, in home offices, on the road and everywhere in between. It is a 25 hour a day job. But if the culture is right we just don’t seem to mind.