Good backups? Get your own time machine

Imagine if you had your very own time machine and could go back a day and make everything different and fix all the things that went badly that day? That is what a backup and restore does. Magic? well everyone can have one now….


I couldn’t give two hoots if I have a “successful” backup. What I care about is the fact that I can restore data from that backup and I don’t mean the odd file here and there, I mean restore properly.

The threat of cybercrime is spreading fear into the hearts of small business owners as they wonder how they as an SME can possibly fight the baddies when major corporations can’t. Cher sings “If I could turn back time” – well you can with a restore and all the pain will go away. Shame you can’t do that with real life but you can with technology when the bad guys hit.

No-one is expecting you to be the expert, make a call and ask for help. If I had problems understanding my accounts I wouldn’t carry on until the taxman taps me on the shoulder and whips the shirt off my back. I ask an expert.

I have been out and about over the past few months listening to business owners who have a variety of backup methods. Some use the cloud, some use USB drives, some use tape drives, some use offsite data centres, however, the question of “have you tested it?” is usually answered with “I think it will be ok”.

By the way, just because your data is in the cloud it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily restored in the way you might hope.

I have encountered embarrassment, denial, uncertainty and indifference (and most emotions really) when asking about restores. Assumption is dangerous.

There are so many different ways to backup data. Different budgets and different scales can all mean different solutions…but…. no-one has to go without.

Nowadays your data is your business and within ten minutes our tech gurus can tell you whether you have an issue we can investigate for you.

Most businesses are 75% sure that their data is restorable. Call us and we can talk to you about making it 100% and giving you your very own time machine.


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