Buying a business? Due Diligence – try “Transmit”

Buying or selling a business can be stressful at the best of times. The sleepless nights, the fear and the excitement clash with each other and make for a very confusing time and a time where you need good solid advice.

Due diligence can be an unwieldy beast that sucks time, effort and cash and by the end of it you wonder if you know more than you did when you started.

Are there many companies that are sold that don’t have an IT component to their business? They all use some kind of system, email, office, a database maybe? A warehouse system? A customer relationship database? They may have PC’s, laptops, phones, servers ? They may even back up data?

So some of the questions you need answering are specific to the IT.




Who supports it?

How much does it cost now?

How much will it cost to transfer?

How much will it cost when it is transferred? (don’t assume it is the same as it is now as lots of companies share systems)

Are they licenced properly?

Has anyone else got their data (IP)?

Can it be done more efficiently and cheaper?


Having recently been through due diligence and currently assisting in the process for a customer, IT Logics has seen a gap to provide an IT DD transfer service. We have named it Transmit (Transfer my IT).

It is aimed at non IT companies who need assistance analysing technology they may be buying, what the transfer cost to the buyer would be and ongoing costs. (hardware, software and licencing) . It also makes a number of recommendations that may improve efficiency or reduce cost.

A standard template is used and a document presented at the end of the consultation period.

The process is vendor agnostic and can be used for large and small transactions. Every business sale is different and therefore each project is quoted and no set fee provided.

This service takes away the hassle of trying to find a trusted company who will provide impartial and knowledgeable advice.

All of the information is provided in “non geek” language and gives the buyer the confidence that there are no hidden licence fees or computer refreshes required.

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