Beeeee amazing and learn a few tricks

Before you call the IT Doctor have a look at these tips. Some may fix your problem and some may give you a new tool to use in your business.

Coming in at number 1 as always. Re-start your computer. It may sound like the classic cliché  but it does work a lot of the time.

Check other programs…. Eg, If you cant get your email then also try and browse some internet pages to see if you have internet connectivity.

 Ask your colleagues if they have the same issue.

 Try rebooting your router if you know how.

 Google your issue…it is a bit like googling a medical condition but at least it may give you some quick pointers.

 If you get stuck in any Microsoft application, click on the ? free help from Microsoft.

 If your computer is running like a tortoise with a broken leg press Control, Alt and Delete and open task manager. Have a nosey around because this will tell you which program is using the memory and processing power.

 Nothing happening at all….check the power. It may seem obvious but a lot of calls are power related.

If you get a virus immediately pull the network cable out of the back, turn off the computer and call us.


 For a cheap no fuss CRM – look at

 Press windows button and L to lock your computer so no-one can send unauthorised emails to the boss.

 Right-click on the taskbar to reveal three window arrangement schemes: namely, Cascade Windows, Show windows stacked, and Show windows side by side.

 If you hold the shift key down when deleting a file, it bypasses the recycle bin. Control Z will bring it back.

 F1 key opens Windows Help quickly!

 To minimize every open window except yours: Shake your active window. Do the same to maximize all windows.

 To capture the exact steps you take and document it nicely: Search psr in Windows to open Problem Steps Recorder. Try it now and you’ll be amazed.

 To delete one word at a time: Press Ctrl + Backspace.

 Use Acivtrak to see which websites and programs computers are accessing.

Lastly, if your computer is misbehaving, open the nearest window and throw it out whilst shouting really loudly. Then phone IT Logics and ask for a new one. Please note, this is not advisable if the computer is not your own. Another note……please call us before opening the window because we can fix it. We are good with Windows. Another note….please watch out for passers by.