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Keeping your business network on with a SIM card

Has your network gone down recently? No external network connection at your new building? No internet connection for your staff? No connection back to your servers in a datacentre? No one able to dial in to your server on site? There are many reasons why a network can go down. A configuration error, an issue with […]

IT clinics performed by IT Logics

Ever get the feeling that something is not quite right with your computer but you can’t put your finger on it? Don’t want to call us in because it isn’t worth it for one small issue that you fear may be a problem between the screen and the chair? Why not book us in for […]

Welcome Nick – Business Development comes to IT Logics

Great news for IT Logics and our customers, Nick De Silva has joined the team. Nick will head up the Business Development side of the business. He joins us from timg and has held high profile business development and account management roles in NZ. His knowledge in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning make him […]

IT Logics top to toe service.

Customers are often surprised that we do more than they thought. Only a small percentage of our customers take advantage of all of our services which goes to show that we need to spread the word about how we can help you more. So read on and hopefully that will change. We are a fully managed IT Services […]

Beeeee amazing and learn a few tricks

Before you call the IT Doctor have a look at these tips. Some may fix your problem and some may give you a new tool to use in your business. Coming in at number 1 as always. Re-start your computer. It may sound like the classic cliché  but it does work a lot of the […]